What is digital printing?

What is digital printing?

Since we consider it important at The London Printing Company to make printing as simple as possible for our clients, we like to decode the jargon that many printers sometimes blitz their customers with.

One such term is “digital printing” which is often bandied around without any clear explanation of what it means.

Digital printing is in fact any printing where a digital source is printed directly, often using a high-volume laser or inkjet printer – though it is predominantly used for small runs.  Despite having a higher cost per page than traditional offset printing, it is often simpler and faster since there is no need to make printing plates.

A further advantage of digital printing is that it is very flexible: you can sometimes modify the data being printed with each impression and you can also print rapidly “on demand”.

There are also a number of technical aspects to digital printing, but we don’t want to bore you with those.  If you’d like to know though about how digital printing can save you time and money, do contact us for a free quote and we’ll do our best to help.