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A funeral is an incredibly difficult time for those involved and it is our aim to make the process of printing as simple as possible for you. Our team of staff are ready to assist and are dedicated to helping with whatever you may need.

What is an order of service?

The order of service is a printed document given to the attendees of a funeral, usually in the form of a small pamphlet or booklet consisting of a few pages. Its function is to inform the funeral attendees of the procedure that will be followed for the funeral.

Common content for the order of service at a funeral can include a selection of poems to be read out by family members, or hymns to be sung by the congregation. This might be followed by the order of people to address the attendees, whether it is the funeral celebrant, or family members of the deceased.

Not only does the order of service assist in guiding funeral attendees of the program; people often keep their order of service as a memento to the deceased in their memory.

Where to get an order of service printed?

Order of service booklets can be printed at The London Printing Company, at either of the London stores in Notting Hill or Earl’s Court, Chelsea.

You’re welcome to give us a phone call or send us an email with your requirements, and we’ll let you know how we can help. Alternatively, you can stop by the stores in London and chat to our friendly staff.

Other Funeral Prints

Memorial cards are often handed out at funerals to serve as a keepsake for loving family members and friends of the deceased, and are typically small enough to be stored in a wallet.

They can contain personal information about the deceased such as their dates of birth and passing, their cemetery location, a personal message from the family, and perhaps a poem which they held close to their heart.

Prayer cards are also commonly distributed at funerals, consisting of a photograph of the deceased, as well as a prayer on the back in their memory.

If there is anything we can assist with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The London Printing Company can print any design on almost any material requested and are committed to producing work that is top quality and delivered on time.

Funeral Homes in the Area

There are a number of funeral homes in the area within close proximity to our stores in Notting Hill and Earl’s Court, Chelsea. We’ve summarised these below in order to make your preparations easier, but are however not affiliated with any of the establishments mentioned.

Chelsea Funeral Directors

Address: 235 Munster Rd, Fulham

Tel: +44 20 7385 0866

Website: www.chelseafuneraldirectors.co.uk

Chelsea Funeral Directors offer a number of services, including pre-paid funeral plans, coffin selection, floral arrangements, reception venues in the area, among other helpful services.

You can read about their pricing here.

Chelsea Funeral Directors have a single review on Google of 5 stars. An extract from the review reads that they “handled our needs in a very respectful and dignified way. Their service and attention to detail was brilliant… Thank You.”


R Brain & G Gamble & Son Funeral Directors

Address: 601 Fulham Broadway

Tel: +44 20 7385 7625

This establishment offers pre-paid funeral plans, memorial services, advice, as well as legal services.

The website provides helpful information on arranging a funeral, what to do when someone passes away, finding a funeral director, and what happens after the funeral.

You can view their advice page here.

The establishment has 2 reviews on Google, both 5 stars, with grateful comments which you can read here.


Co-Op Funeral Care

Address: 799 Fulham Rd, Parsons Green

Tel: 020 7736 2939

At Co-op funeral care in Fulham, you can have them arrange a funeral from £1,995, which they refer to as their “simple funeral”, which excludes additional fees such as church or burial fees.

One can also buy a funeral plan from £2,895 which involved planning a funeral before one has passed on, which reduces the work needed to be done by the deceased’s family.

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