Tips for creating the perfect business card

Tips for creating the perfect business card

In your efforts to promote your business to potential customers and clients, a business card is one of the most powerful yet affordable tools in your arsenal. A good business card not only provides people with your contact details, it makes a statement about who you are and helps build a positive image of your company. At the London Printing Company we’ve printed business cards for countless businesses, and so we know what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your business card design.

What information to include

Your business card is essentially a way of passing information about yourself or your business to interested parties, therefore the first thing to check is that you’ve included all pertinent information. All business cards should provide:

– Your name/ the name of your business
– Your position within the company (if relevant)
– Telephone number
– Email address
– Street address
– website address

Use standard sizes

Many printers use dimensions of 85mm x 55mm for their business cards, though this can vary slightly. At the very least, it should fit easily into a wallet.

Don’t be afraid to be original

To be truly memorable, your business card should reflect some of the personality of your company. Images and graphic designs can help to strike a chord with your audience. It’s a cliche, but a picture really can be worth a thousand words – particularly useful when you’ve got room for less than 50.

Use bleed in coloured or graphic designs

If you do use images, or indeed any colour other than white in your design, make sure you include a ‘bleed area’. This essentially means enlarging the design beyond the area that will actually be printed, in order to prevent uneven edges during the printing and cutting process. Many printers use a bleed area of around 3mm along each edge, but be sure to ask.

Don’t overload your design with detail

A business card should tell the recipient everything they need to know within a quick glance, so avoid ‘busy’ designs that distract from its true function.

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