Screen Printing FAQ

Screen Printing FAQ

Screen Printing FAQ

If you’re planning on printing up a batch of promotional T-shirts for your business, band or any other purpose there are variety of ways to go about doing it. Though ‘Screen printing’ first came into use a long time ago, it is currently one of the most popular and effective methods used for T-shirt printing and other applications. But what exactly is it?

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique with a long history. It uses a mesh, or screen, in conjunction with a stencil and ink, to create an image on a flat surface.

How does it work?

The screen is stretched around a frame tightly, and then a stencil or similar device is used to mask out areas of the screen, defining the picture to be printed. This is then placed over the fabric or other material to be printed on. Ink is applied, and this is then pushed through the screen to the material below. The effect of this is that the areas of the screen which are masked do not allow the ink to pass through, while in the unmasked areas the ink is transferred to the item which is being printed on, forming the desired image. Heat is then applied so that the ink can be ‘cured’. If more than one colour is to be used in the design, the process will then be repeated as many times as needed to form the full picture.

What can it be used for?

Screen printing can be used to create the designs on T-shirts, dresses, skirts and other items of clothing, but it has other uses too. For example, it may used to print company logos or other designs on products, stationary, keyrings etc.

What materials can be printed on?

A wide variety of materials are suitable for screen printing, including fabrics, wood, plastics, metals and ceramics.

Why use screen printing rather than other methods?

Due to the higher costs and the extra time and resources it takes to set up, screen printing is less suitable if you just want to print one or two items, but if you’re intending to print a large batch, the quality and durability is much greater than other methods of printing. It is also a cost-effective way of mass-producing many items with the same design, and as detailed above, can be used for a wide range of purposes.

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