Promote Your Business this Summer with Novelty Product Printing

Promote Your Business this Summer with Novelty Product Printing

2012 is a big year for London businesses and one full of potential. The Jubilee weekend may have been and gone but the Olympics, Paralympics, Wimbledon and an eclectic variety of festivals and goings-on are still taking place.  This means more visitors, more people on the streets of the capital and even more possibilities for marketing your business.

Flyers, posters and leaflets are often an effective means of promotion, but if you’re looking to do something to stand out from the crowd, a range of custom-printed novelty products is a powerful and innovative way of doing so.

Why use printed novelty products?

Whether you intend to charge for them or give them away for free, novelty printed items have a unique quirkiness that draws people’s attention.  Everyone loves a little kitsch from time to time, especially during a big event season, and you can tap into this either to promote your business and raise awareness, or simply to add a few unique and attractive items to your product range.

Here at the London Printing Company we can print the design of your choice on a huge range of novelty items, whether that’s your logo, a witty slogan or phrase or a distinctive and colourful pattern or picture. We’ve got the equipment and the expertise to print your design on everything from mugs, T-shirts, baseball caps, belts, jackets, novelty cheques and just about anything else imaginable.  We carry out all printing in house, so we can also get the job done very quickly – in some cases within 24 hours.

A few ideas

Novelty printing enables you to get creative in promoting your business.  For instance, with the Olympics just around the corner you might print some T-shirts for your staff to wear to entice the crowds in off the street to take a look at what you have to offer (even something simple like a cheeky caption may do the trick in capturing the attention of passers-by).

Or you could try creating novelty souvenirs which visitors to the Olympics and other events may purchase for themselves as keepsakes, or for friends and family back home. Clearly anything with a London or a sporting theme is going to do well this summer, but do be mindful of encroaching on protected Olympics trademarks (See our Top 5 things Small Businesses in London can do to Benefit from the Olympics blog).  We can help with designs too, as we have experienced Graphic Designs in-house to bring your ideas to life.

Get in touch today to discuss how The London Printing Company can help you make the most of this Olympic summer!