Print Finishing – What Are the Options?

Print Finishing – What Are the Options?

Many people have heard of the term ‘print finishing’, but far fewer are aware of what it actually means. Here we take a look at exactly what it entails and the print finishing options that are available to you.

Quite simply, print finishing refers to anything that is done to a print after it has been printed. Generally, once an image or design has been printed it is often not quite ready for its purpose, and requires some further print finishing action to make it so. There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to print finishing, some relatively simple and minor, others more substantial. Here are a few of the possibilities.

Binding – Particularly suitable for things like reports and academic work, binding is a simple and convenient way of keeping a selection of pages tidily together. A range of different binding methods are used, including perfect binding, spiral binding, plastic comb binding, thermal and adhesive binding.

Trimming – Often when a print comes out it is not quite perfect. Trimming enables the print finisher to ensure that each print conforms to a certain size. Here at the London Printing Company we have recently purchased specialist equipment which allows us to deliver highly accurate trimming for individual prints as well as multiple pages.

Lamination – Sometimes you want to protect your prints and make them more durable, particularly if they’re going to be handled a lot (as with a menu or a hand-out in a meeting). Lamination applies a plastic film coating to prints that protects them and gives a glossy finish.

Mounting – If you’re planning on displaying a print for use in a promotional feature or an exhibition you’ll probably want to get it mounted on something harder and more resilient than paper, such as cardboard or wood.

Booklet making – A professionally printed and finished booklet has many purposes, such as for product catalogues and other promotional materials, informational products and guides. We recently acquired a new Kasfold booklet making machine which can produce A6 booklets with a perfect finish. Capable of producing more than 1700 booklets per hour, this enables us to deliver on all your booklet making needs with short lead times.

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