Five Ideas for Printed Promotional Items for your Business

Five Ideas for Printed Promotional Items for your Business

No matter what industry you’re in, one of the most effective ways to promote your company is by providing prospective customers with useful branded items that they can keep and use.  Not only will they appreciate the gesture, they may later be reminded about your products or services when they need them most.

Here at the London Printing Company we can provide a wide range of printed promotional items emblazoned with whatever you want, from your corporate logo to an attractive image.


Everyone likes a good cup of tea or coffee, and a complimentary mug is bound to see daily usage.  Get your mug into the hands of customers or those with purchasing power within an organisation and you may find that you’re the one they call on when they have need of the services you offer.  Our in-house mug printing machine makes it easy for us to put your design onto a mug.


Custom printed T-shirts are another one of our specialities.  T-shirts are perfect for inclusion within ‘goodie bags’ at conventions, exhibitions and other events, and can help get your brand seen by a wider audience.


Useful and easily carried around in a shirt pocket, printed pens are a popular promotional item.  Add your phone number or email address to the design to make it easy for prospective clients to contact you when they need to.


Keyrings are another item which can be carried around and used on a daily basis, dormant until the time when your contact details are needed.  For example if you run a taxi firm and your customers carry their house keys on your keyring, there’s a good chance they’ll call on you the next time they miss the last tube home.


From letterheads to memo pads, we can put your design on a range of stationery which you can then either use for your correspondences or give out to your customers for their own use.  Once again, this can be perfect for spreading awareness of your business amongst busy offices and homes.

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