How to Make an Eye-catching Poster

How to Make an Eye-catching Poster

If you’re looking to promote your business or event then a poster can be a powerful way of reaching people. It’s also highly affordable, and with the London Printing Company you can get your poster printed in up to A0 size and in black&white or full digital colour. But how do you go about designing the perfect poster that will catch people’s eye and convey your message?


Colour is one of the most fundamental aspects that will draw the eyes of passersby to your poster. That doesn’t by any means mean that you should go for a psychedelic look though with lots of different colours. Often careful use of just a few colours can be very effective in drawing the eye, and if they are carefully matched then the effects can be quite striking.

Utilising whitespace

One of the first errors that many who are uninitiated in poster design make is that they make their page too cluttered. Rather than cramming as much into your design as possible, consider using white space (or negative space) to emphasise certain elements of your design. Careful use of whitespace can also give your poster an elegant and understated look that can work well for certain kinds of events and promotions.


Once again it’s important not to try to cram too much into a single poster. Using too many words can make the poster hard to decipher at a glance and it’s also important to remember that people won’t necessarily stop to look at it for long. Less is more, and you should aim to say what you want to say in as few as words as possible.


Using images in your design can be a very effective way of drawing attention. Often a single large image is more powerful than a collection of smaller images, which can make the poster look cluttered. Also bear in mind the importance of using high quality, high resolution images, as otherwise the results can look unprofessional.

This should give you a few ideas about how to progress with your poster design, but if you’re completely stuck then get in touch with the London Printing Company and our graphic designers can create an eye-catching design for you.

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