Five Benefits of Digital Printing

Five Benefits of Digital Printing

There are two main types of printing in common usage today – offset printing and digital printing. The former involves the transference of an image to a plate, then to a rubber blanket, before finally reaching the printing surface. Digital printing, available at The London Printing Company, eliminates this complex process by printing the image direct from a digital file to the printing surface. This results in number of distinct benefits.

Small print runs

Traditional offset printing takes a long time to setup for a print run, and so is not practical or cost-effective for small printing jobs. Since digital printing requires virtually no setting up, it can be used to generate small batches of prints, even single copies. This enables you to tailor the print job more to your specific needs.

Low costs

Because the need to create plates is eliminated, so are many of the costs associated with offset printing methods. Digital printing is particularly cost-effective for smaller print runs, and minimum order levels generally don’t apply.

Fast turnaround time

The reduction in setting up time makes it possible to save substantial amounts of time as well as money. This is particularly useful when promotional materials or other printed items are required in a hurry. At The London Printing Press we specialise in providing a 24-hour turnaround where needed.

Versatile formats for original image

Digital printing is immensely versatile because your source image can be in a range of different formats (such as .bmp, .gif or .jpg), and created using the computer application of your choice. Communicating the image to the printers is also easy and can be done via USB, CD or email as preferred.

High quality results

With digital printing, every copy of your image is the same and delivers high quality results at low costs. If you want the last copy to be as good as the first copy then digital printing is the way forward.

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