Embroidered garments: an easy way to add a touch of class

Embroidered garments: an easy way to add a touch of class

All forms of branding are not created equal. In fact even something as simple as the printing methods used to spread your brand can have a significant impact on how your it is perceived.

That’s one of the reasons that we recently launched our new new embroidery printing service. Using state of the art machinery, we can create clothing which bears your mark, whilst also marking you out as business with more than a little bit of class.

Logo longevity

Your logo is an integral part of your brand, and so if you have staff uniforms or promotional t-shirts that fade or otherwise deteriorate after just a few washes, this does not create a good impression of your business. By embroidering the logo or marketing message onto the garment itself, they will be part of the fabric itself and should last as long as the clothing without showing significant signs of wear.


Anyone can get their logo or message printed on a t-shirt, but few go as far as actually having it embroidered on. Garments with an embroidered logo then can be seen as a status symbol, conveying an image of a business that has invested that bit more in its image and its staff. This in turn can mean that people are willing to pay a little bit more for your services and may turn to you first ahead of your competitors.


Ordinary t-shirt printing can be limiting in some respects, in that it is only possible to print on certain fabrics using these methods. Our new embroidery printing technology allows us to print on a whole new world of fabrics, including leather and denim. This can be particularly useful for creating a range of attractive merchandise incorporating your designs, or for acquiring matching attire for your team or club.


In simple terms, embroidered logos just generally look better than those printed using other methods. They are, in a way, 3D, as the embroidery is raised slightly above the rest of the fabric, enabling it to be felt as well as seen.  If you’re creating uniforms for your staff, this aesthetic appeal can help to foster pride in the company, while for teams and clubs, such clothing can boost team morale and increase enthusiasm towards working together towards common goals.

Digitising your logo

Getting your logo embroidered onto your choice of garment is a relatively simple process for you, as we do all the hard work. Simply send us your logo or other design as an image file (preferably in vector form), and we’ll then use our specialist software to digitise it in preparation for embroidering. We can then adjust it and match your logo colours to the threads we use, to ensure that your garments look their best.

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