5 Handy Online Tools To Design Promotional Materials

5 Handy Online Tools To Design Promotional Materials

monitor-840624_640If you don’t have a background in design or consider yourself to be ‘artistic’, the idea of creating something visual to promote your business can be daunting, whether it’s a design for a poster, a brochure or a t-shirt.
But fear not for there are a variety of user-friendly online tools that non-designer types can use to create some visually appealing and enticing materials.

Here we’re going to round up five of them for you, and if you need any additional design advice or assistance prior to printing then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Note that we also provide a design service.


Canva is a free but nonetheless slick tool that you can use to create a variety of visual marketing materials, from posters and flyers to business cards, menus and postcards.It’s simple to use by adapting any of the large collection of templates on offer, then adding artistic text and images, either from the site itself or from your own sources.



PicMonkey is a handy online photo editor which enables you to jazz up your photographs or make them look more professional via a range of filters and touch-up tools. Some features are free to use, while others require an upgrade to a premium package (a free trial is available).



Another free browser-based tool, Fatpaint is particularly useful for designing 3D logos and other objects for marketing purposes. Easy to use but featuring plenty of settings you can tweak to get your designs just right, it’s particularly useful for small businesses that can’t afford expensive graphics packages or designers.

A fully featured online graphic design package, Befunky makes it possible for you to quickly create professional-looking designs for both online and print use, including small business stationery and infographics. It also has an integrated photo editing page, giving you the scope to create almost any marketing material you need from your browser. Again, free and premium versions are available.



Youidraw is a powerful vector graphics editor that you can use to create logos and other designs similar to those produced in Adobe Illustrator. It’s cloud-based though so you can use it wherever you are, and save directly to your Google Drive.



Once you’ve designed your marketing materials, simply get in touch with us at The London Printing Company and we’ll take care of the printing!